There is always a wild night of drinking, dancing, singing, and messing around before the wedding calmness. The bride’s previous attire—a neon tutu, custom t-shirt, and sash—has been swapped out for the white long dress she’s wearing today. The groom, meantime, showed up to his stag do in an Elvis Presley outfit complete with a ball and chain around his ankle.

unlocking the best night ever

A name for this please. It’s not a Halloween party, though costumes are common; it’s not a wedding, though there are bride and husband figures present; it’s not a birthday celebration, though there are often gifts and treats served…

Pink hummer

In the United States, the bride’s best friend typically plans a bachelorette party for her on the same night as the groom’s, and vice versa. Both stag and hen parties refer to the same event in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Ireland; in Canada, however, the terms stag and stagette are used instead.

Whatever you choose to call it, there are a few rules that everyone follows: make sure the party is tailored to the groom or bride, gather as much money as you need, and surprise the stag and hen with a bunch of embarrassingly cute gifts, games, and accessories. On a stag do, the guys might need balls, weapons, cards, or strippers to have a good time, but every hen party guest knows that accessories are the key to unlocking the best night ever.

Hen Party 1
Hen Party 1

There is no shortage of options for the craziest bachelor/bachelorette party possible the night before the big day. While guys like to play cards, watch the big game, fish for huge fish, or throw their single friends into a dancing girl’s bikini, girls have their own ritual before the night gets fun: they put on their jewellery. If you are looking for wedding cars in the West Midlands you could look at booking hen transport at the same time for a reduced rate.

funny-shaped shot glass to neon makeup, gloves and tiaras

At a hen party, a woman can wear anything from a funny-shaped shot glass to neon makeup, gloves and tiaras, hair mascaras and tights, and of course, personalised badges. All of these things are typical party favours and gifts for the bride-to-be.

On evenings like these, it feels like a competition between the sexes. Experiencing the time of your life is at risk. And naturally, there are times when victory is shared. It’s the end of the fairy tale about a man and a woman who had to play stag and hen before they could become husband and wife and live happily ever after.