Sumptuous, spacious, elegant, classy are only some in the long list of words used to describe the Bentley Flying Spur. Reserving a level of sophistication reflecting a well crafted modern saloon

Jaguar XF Wedding Car

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4 Passengers

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White Wedding Car

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up to Ballgown Fairy Tale Wedding Dress

 Jaguar XF combines extraordinary presence with exceptional performance. With its sleek, modern and stylish design, this beautiful car is sure to make you feel extra special as you pull up outside the venue.

Offering plenty of legroom, the seats are fully customisable and made from exquisite leather. As you would expect from a luxury brand, this car also comes with the latest in-car technology. Our Jaguar XF has been specifically customised for us. This means no other company will offer the same exact model for hire.

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Jaguar XF Wedding Car Hire

It has all the luxuries one would expect in Jaguar’s flagship model. There are many wonderful things about this magnificent model, which always includes a chauffeur. View our available Jaguar XF specials to find out how much you can save on a luxury vehicle rental.