Planning a wedding is all about getting the little details right. Wedding etiquette covers everything from who should be your bridesmaid to what wedding transport you should hire. Deciding who should travel together is one of the decisions you want to make ahead of the big day in Herefordshire.

Top of the list should be who travels with the bride. It’s one of the most popular questions we get from couples when booking their wedding transport. You’ll want to consider the size of your bridal group and the distance you’ll be travelling when setting your budget.

The size and type of transport that you choose will also determine who travels with who for the wedding ceremony and reception. We’re breaking down the tradition of who should travel together for a wedding, including the arrival order.

What Order Should the Bridal Party Arrive in For a Wedding?

Whether you’re getting married in a church or a private venue in Hereford, the arrival order virtually remains the same. The groom’s party will arrive first, including page boys and groomsmen. They’ll be followed by the bridal party, including the bridesmaids, flower girls, and the mother of the bride.

The final arrival at the wedding should be the bride and their father or whoever is giving her away. As traditions evolve, it’s not always the bride’s father who will travel in the Herefordshire wedding transport with her to the church.

Who Should the Bride Travel with to the Church?

The bride will travel to their wedding ceremony with their father or the person giving them away. The rest of the bridal party, including the mother of the bride and the bridesmaids, will usually travel in a second car or limousine. After the ceremony, the bride will travel with the groom to the next destination.

If the bride isn’t being given away by her father, she may choose someone else to travel with her to the church or venue. The mother of the bride may travel with her or another family member who might be giving her away. Alternatively, a bride with children may decide to travel with them to the venue.

Wedding etiquette has evolved with time. While it’s still traditional for the bride to travel to her wedding with her father, you can choose anyone to make the journey with you.

Bridal Car Transport

We offer a range of wedding transport suitable for every bride, from classic vintage models to luxury cars. You’ll want to consider both style and comfort when choosing your wedding transport, especially if you’re travelling a larger distance.

Your friendly chauffeur will be on hand to ensure everything goes to plan, helping the bride in and out of the car. Our drivers strive to offer a luxury service that puts you at ease and offers a special touch to your big day.

Can the Bride’s Car Be Used for Bridesmaids?

While the bride’s car can be used for other members of the bridal party, we only recommend this for shorter journeys. You’ll want to account for the travel time in both directions, so it’s best for cases where the venue is no more than 5 to 10 minutes away from where the bridal party are getting ready.

You’ll want to factor this into your timing for getting to the ceremony venue. It may mean your bridesmaids arriving a little early to accommodate the bride being on time.

Does the Mother of the Bride Travel with Bridesmaids?

One person you might be confused about is the mother of the bride. They’re one important person who is easy to forget about while planning your wedding transport. The last thing you want is to leave her out of your car planning.

Most mothers of the bride will choose to travel through Herefordshire with the bridesmaids in a car or limousine. Alternatively, the mother of the bride may travel with the bride if they’re giving them away. Traditionally, the mother of the bride will enter the church as part of the wedding processional with a male relative, such as a son.

If the mother of the bride is divorced, they may choose to travel to the venue and be escorted by their partner. Every couple can find a wedding transport plan that works for them and their family situation.

Who Does the Groom Travel to the Ceremony With?

While the bride will traditionally travel to the ceremony with a family member, the groom usually travels with their best man or groomsmen. The car that the bride travelled in will often be used by the bride and groom on the way to their reception, as well as being used as a backdrop for their photos.

The groom will therefore usually slot in with their groomsmen to travel first to the ceremony. The groom, his best man, and groomsmen will be the first of the extended bridal party to arrive at the ceremony.

Who Does the Father of the Bride Travel With?

The father of the bride will usually travel to the ceremony with the bride. Afterwards, they’ll travel with their wife or partner to the reception. You’ll want to make sure you’re accounting for the bride’s parents when arranging your wedding transport. The bride’s mother will usually travel with the bridesmaids to the ceremony.

If the father of the bride is not giving her away, the bride’s parents may travel together to the ceremony. They’ll aim to arrive at the same time as the bridesmaids.

Decorating Your Wedding Car

The bride’s car is one of the main ones that you want to decorate for the big day. You can choose to keep it simplistic with a simple silk ribbon on the front. Other options include adding a ‘Just Married’ sign for when you’re travelling to the reception or adding a quirky twist with tin cans.

Most couples will coordinate the decorations across all their wedding cars. It’s an easy way to tie your wedding transport together and let everyone know you’re celebrating your big day in style.

Our team is on hand to help you take your wedding day to the next level with luxury car transport. Get in touch with our team today to book your wedding transport.

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